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*Both of us have been fully vaccinated.

Links to PODCASTS that we have been featured on are below:

Mistress Schari

MistresSchari on Fetlife

@Mischief_Matters on Instagram

Private Session Space
is in Morris County, NJ.

Mistress Schari is in the lifestyle (both BDSM & Swing Communities) as an educator, lifestyle consultant, and participant for the last 20+ years. Mistress Schari hosts a monthly lifestyle radio show with her submissive catnip, "Mischief Matters Radio". She also opened the exclusive and seductive Mischief Manor. The manifestation of a lifelong dream to provide the kink community with monthly educational and social events. Mistress Schari has been trained to lead her workshops from several field experts. Her experience as a Professional Domme, sub, and sex-toy specialist combined with her training as an educator, life coach, and public speaker gives Mistress Schari unique lifestyle insights. These insights have enabled her to provide all genders and sexual orientations with a safe and comfortable environment to explore their fantasies.

Mistress Schari uses she/her pronouns.

All sessions are by appointment only. You can expedite the process by completing an application. Please contact me for tributes.

Mistress Schari is also the Co-Leader of the Skyland's Munch of Northern NJ, which meets the fourth Tuesday of every month in Randolph, NJ.

Mistress Schari is also ordained to be able to perform all ceremonies including Wedding, Collaring, and Memorial, send her a message at for more details.


catnip_boi on Fetlife

catnip is submissive and boi to Mistress Schari. They relocated back to New Jersey from Philadelphia to work with children, youth and their families in the mental health field. catnip has been in the BDSM/Kink community for the last 5+ years after their therapist suggested it and true to catnip’s personality they became completely immersed in the community attending events and classes to gain knowledge and experience. They accompany and assist Mistress Schari in her various workshops, in-person and virtual appearances, and local munches. catnip manages the majority of their Mistress' social media and monitor online class participation. catnip is also the co-host of the monthly lifestyle radio show, "Mischief Matters Radio" with their Mistress. As a transmasculine non-binary queer, catnip strives to assist communities in becoming more inclusive and competent around LGBTQ+ topics. They also have run various workshops throughout the years at different vanilla events on the subject. catnip is a service-oriented switch who will professionally top for select candidates, please inquire within. catnip would like to thank their beautiful Mistress for helping them become the best boi they could be and supporting them in all their endeavors. catnip uses they/them or he/him pronouns.​

Mischief Matters is based out of Northwest New Jersey in Morris County. Mistress Schari and catnip regularly attend conventions and events locally, throughout the country and virtually. For the Skyland's Munch of Northern NJ, more information can be found on FetLife.

Hear Mistress Schari on the Following Podcasts and Radio Shows:


Mischief Matters Radio with your Hosts Mistress Schari & catnip

Your Kinky Friends video chats with Mistress Schari

Mistress Schari (Mischief Matters) w/ Nicholas Tanek

“I swear I have carpal tunnel syndrome from spanking people.”

Mistress Schari (The Accidental Domme) is a BDSM/kink educator, dominatrix, and host of the Mischief Matters Radio Podcast. We discuss classes for couples, make-up, lingerie, femdom, crossdressing, sex toys, feet, CBT, spanking, and the kinky side of Star Wars and Star Trek.

What Women* Want

*and other wonderful humans

G. L. Henderson Radio Show: The King of Relationship Fiction on

"Interesting Sex Podcast"

"Questionable Personalities"

The Interview parts 1&2

Viewer Mail parts 1&2

QP Episode 41 Mistress Schari, Dominatrix and BDSM Educator. Domme work during the quarantine.

QP Episode 42. Mistress Schari, Dominatrix and BDSM Educator. Domme work during the quarantine.

"Off the Cuffs"


There is something magical and peaceful​l when you finally satisfy one of your fantasies or cross an item off your bucket list!

I recently had such an opportunity when my unbelievable submissive arranged a boudoir photo shoot for me. I've always wanted to have one. I never dreamed it would be as much fun as it was. I am the luckiest woman to have such a dedicated and wonderful submissive to have set this up for me. Of the 200+ photos that were taken, my favorites are in a book that can be seen in my private session room. When you schedule a private session with me, I will gladly let you view the book.... if you're good ;) ! - Mistress Schari

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