Let me help you keep 50 ​shades in your bedroom and out of the ER!

Guided Play Workshops


Guided Play Workshops & Trainings

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So you have read the book or seen the movie... now what? Mistress Schari will teach you how to keep 50 Shades in your bedroom and out of the ER!!

Our Kink Class for Couples is your perfect opportunity to do something as a couple to spice up your love life and have fun in the process. Our couples workshop is designed for those of you who wish to take it to the next level through safe, sane and consensual play.

Taught by both trained professionals and experienced players within the BDSM community, this class covers basic BDSM etiquette, language, technique, and tools. You will have the opportunity to learn about BDSM play and practices through a tastefully demonstrated presentation and interactive experience comfortable for all levels.

Our Kink Class for Couples is available on-site at a BDSM club in Lehigh Valley, PA; or, you can schedule your own couples party where we bring the presentation to you and your guests for a truly unique experience ( a minimum of 8 couples required for off-site locations).


One of us is Vanilla and the other is Kinky... HELP!?!?!?!

If this describes your dynamic, this is the workshop for you!

Our Sensual Sado-Masochism Workshop is an in-depth guided play workshop designed to help each partner fulfill their partners' needs. Through this workshop we will help each of you find your comfort level as you begin your journey to provide the satisfaction each partner craves.

Through this workshop you will understand the significance of touch coupled with light sensual bondage. You will learn how to use dialogue to tease. You will experience how both mental and physical sadism can increase desire and intensity.

Our Sensual Sado-Masochism Workshop is unique in that instructors actually guide you through a play experience. Your comfort level is paramount to us and all couples are welcome to interact at their own level. For some, this may mean partial or full nudity and may result in uninhibited expression. We recommend this workshop especially for newer couples beginning their lifestyle journey. However, seasoned couples who enjoy exhibitionism or are just beginning to experiment with it will benefit greatly as well. It is also an excellent alternative to a weekend play party that may not fit your schedule or comfort level... just yet.

***Next Workshop is September 29 @6pm at a special price see the calendar page for details***


High Protocol Service Training As LWP's High Protocol Domme, Mistress Schari (who was trained in the Old Guard ways) has designed a class that will teach you the techniques of a high protocol submissive. High Protocol Service is applauded for its elegance and effortless execution. A high-protocol submissive completes their tasks with elegance and pride, and by extension fills those they serve with pride as well.  This class is good for any level and will cover common sub/slave positions, tasks, and presentation.

Open to all genders and lifestyles. This class also provides excellent training for unattached submissives who are looking for a dominant partner because displaying these skills may attract what they are looking for. Available as a classroom workshop or private instruction.


Cost: $125.00 per person (group pricing available)


The Fellatio Fundamentals Workshop developed by women for women is designed to empower you. Until very recently the only way for a woman to obtain knowledge about these things was through male-targeted pornography. With our workshop you will learn to impress your partner with new techniques in both manual and oral stimulation by receiving "hands-on" instruction using a life-like prop. Our workshop is not about "servicing" someone, but rather how to build intimacy and confidence through a safe, shared and sensual experience. And at least when he asks where you learned it,

you'll have a receipt as proof!

The Fellatio Fundamentals Workshop  is taught on-site in Lehigh Valley, PA; or, Mistress Schari will come to your location and hold the workshop for you with a minimum of 6 participants. This workshop can also be designed as a Cock Worship Workshop for more intense and lifestyle oriented instruction.

DO NICE GIRLS DOMINATE? (and nice boys too!)

Do Nice Girls Dominate (and nice boys too!) is a one hour intensive workshop for any woman or man who finds it difficult to dominate their partner. You know, because you are nice! Dominating your partner is easier than you think and especially if this is new to you, you might be struggling with how to be mean when you aren't. Mistress Schari is going to help upi discover your inner bitch, it's so much easier than you think, so easy in fact, she only needs an hour to tell you about it!


Switches and Unicorns, They Do Exist! Yes they do! As a resident switch at LWP, known as both Mistress Schari and Sub S, we will discuss this very real phenomenon. If you think you might be a switch, if you know you are, or if you both are then this is an excellent training for you. Find out what it means to play on both sides and how to handle others disbelief that you can genuinely be both. Furthermore we will examine what it means to find, be, and/or care for the elusive unicorn. By definition a unicorn is a 3rd partner who can seamlessly maneuver between the two primary partners without wanting more or inciting jealousy. A rarity in the lifestyle but a treasured gem nonetheless.

Please call us for more information

Mistress Schari 973-795-2209


Mischief Matters is committed to safe, sane and consensual instruction for all our participants.

Please send any topic suggestions to info@mischiefmatters.com

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